Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Igue - Festival

Dry season 1896

Iselogbe Edo!


It is a frantic time at the palace and about the kingdom as we prepare for our world famous Igue festival which has been celebrated for over a thousand years. It is that special time of the year when His Majesty the King and some of his chiefs fast in order to usher in a good and prosperous new year for our people.

I know it is five Market Days away from now but a lot of preparation has to take place before the 9 days festival begins. His Majesty and his chiefs open a kingdom wide celebration which each outskirt province Enogie (traditional ruler) celebrate in their domain. Take my word for it, it is the most special festival in our calendar because every member of the kingdom participates fully; the Oba, blesses every home in the kingdom, the Iyase (Prime Minster) gives the Oba Peace leaves, The Chiefs dance to honour the Oba and every member of the kingdom joins in the celebrations and merrymaking which follow. This is such a special time for us, foreign visitors are barred during the period for it a time for us to bond as one and to honour our ancestors just by ourselves.

Presents and farm produce such as yams, cassava, cocoyams and plantain have already begun to arrive at the palace and chiefs’ houses from far and near. Presents from Outskirt Enogies to his Majesty include Ebens and other metal works crafted by their best blacksmiths to venerate the king head. I am so looking forward to all the fun I will be having with Uwa. Watch this space!

 Musician’s drummers and masqueraders and other entertainers are homing their skills ready for the big day when they accompany the kingdom’s chiefs and other important dignitaries.

With everyone chipping in and doing their bit, what spectacle the kingdom will look one Market Day before Igue festival!

Join me then for an update of events.

Princess Iyomon

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