You are about to read the memoirs of (HRH) Princess Iyomon of the Great Kingdom of Benin (about 1885 - 1930).  

The Great kingdom of Benin was at its height between the 14th and 16th century though it was established centuries before this period. .  It was finally sacked by the British in 1897when they disposed of the king and burnt down the government seat of power in Benin City.  The old system was thus destroyed though the royalty was restored in 1914; the kingdom never regained its old status.

Read the stories and secrets that have never been revealed about this great kingdom from a Princess’ point of view. The experiences recounted here were typical for a young girl in the great kingdom.

Follow the memoirs written as blogs as they unfold. What will you discover?

The stories recounted here were told by Princess Iyomon’s grand children and blogged by her great grandchild.  This is in keeping with Edo tradition of oral story telling as a means of passing on our history.

Further evidence can be glimpsed from the Benin Bronzes collections in museums and private collection across the world.  These were looted from the palace in 1897 by the British during their punitive expedition.

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