Saturday, 11 February 2012

Market Day

Land clearing season 1894

My big sister Princess Isoken, is taking me along to the market today. Edugie (my maid) is helping adorn me for the occasion (it's her day off today, security will be provided by market staff); she has braided my hair, inserting shiny golden beads of different colours between each weave; I am simply going to look the most beautiful girl in the whole market, though I suspect that my sister Princess Isoken would like that to be her. I think that she is seeing a guy but its top secret for now (watch this space!). With my hair beautifully braided, shiny luxurious red and white beads round my neck and wrists, with accompanying handbag, the one Uwa's mum knitted for me two moons ago, I am finally ready. I am so going to show off at the market; royal princess aside, it is good to be the centre of attention based on your own merit of being a beautiful damsel; that will be me for today.

Here is some information about Edo market days.

Back to me, on arrival at the market, my big sister, simply found Uwa's mum's stall, left me there and disappeared; but I wasn’t complaining. Uwa soon turned up, teaming up, we went round the market exchanging friendship bracelets as we were braiding them and what fun we were having doing this! The highest point for me came when Chief Irriah, treated us to some corn and bean cakes, these are simply divine on the taste buds and worth going to the market for in their own rights. Shortly after filling our stomachs, Uwa and I left the market for her house where we spent the rest of the afternoon, knitting more friendship bracelets for our sisters and other friends.

My sister Princess Isoken finally called for me as dusk fell, on her face was an ecstatic kind of look and I wondered what she’d been up to (no prizes for guessing)!

Princess Iyomon.

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